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Trade Agency (TA) in the field of Metallurgy and Chemistry

10 years of experience in import – export operations, dealing with high-class perilous chemical compounds.

Outsourcing – Passing the management and key functions of a company’s development, such as information technology, to an outside organization, specializing in a corresponding field.

Nowadays outsourcing is the most called for service for companies dealing with international wholesale and retail trades, for companies that use imported raw materials and products and those, that sell abroad those products that they produce themselves (export).

The TA deals with outsourcing for large and small companies. The first – because they have no intention to spend money on searching, training and keeping a permanent member of staff. The second – because they do not have the required level of experience and do not want to commit a mistake.

Tha advantage of such an approach is in that there is no need to create an additional TA department – to hire, train, manage and control the activities of expensive specialists.

The TA outsourcing allows your company to concentrate on its principal activities, handing over the implementation of non-core processes to the company, rendering complete business – logistic service and thus, raising the profitability of its business.

Within the framework of this service we offer the following operations:

• Search of foreign partners, depending on the character of the enquiry and the desires of the client;

• Carrying out negotiations with the foreign producer, fix-up conditions of delivery with him and the client contract execution;

• drawing-up of the transaction passport, if necessary;

• transfer of money for the product, in the currency of the client;

• shipment of the product under contract, practically from any point of the World;

• passing all import customs clearance;

• customs payment;

• obtain all necessary consent documents, including expert examination for special purposes (military);

• sale of the products in the territory of Russia on a clearing basis, in the currency of the client;

• present documents to return VAT.


International transportation services, cargo insurance, and also customs clearance are rendered by accredited partner-companies.

Working Scheme with the Trade Agency:

1. The Client enters into an Agency Contract with us (or Commission Agreement )

2. The Client determines the definite lot of products and country of export

3. The “ADV-Engineering” Company calculates the optimal chart of delivery and cost-price of the lot of products.

4. The client remits money to the rouble account of the “ADV-Engineering” Company (here the work of our client is finished). Further on, we start to work -

as your “ADV-Engineering” Agent;

5. We get in touch with your Sender ;

6. fix-up and conclude an international contract with your Sender on the delivery of the product in our own name;

7. work out the optimal chart for the delivery of the product;

8. open/close the passport of the transaction;

9. purchase hard currency and under contract pay to your supplier;

10. present carrier to the place of loading;

11. ensure the product (if necessary);

12. monitor the cargo all along the line;

13. perform customs clearance of the cargo, acting as the importer instead of you;

14. bring the cargo to your warehouse;

15. pass over all necessary documentation, needed for the realization of the commodity in the territory of the RF.



The cost of the services - the agent’s fee, is determined as % of the value of the transaction, from 1-7%. All costs, borne by the “ADV-Engineering” Company are put down without extra charges for our clients, all expenditures are supported by invoices, thus excluding the possibility of extracting our additional income from your money. The following factors may exert an impact on the costs: the cost of the invoice, periodicity of deliveries, difficulties arising in the implementation of the proposed works. The “ADV-Engineering” Company is oriented on long term cooperation!

Permanent Clients have DISCOUNTS!

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