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Using highly purified non-ferrous, high-heat and rare metals «ADV-Engineering»  LLC manufactures binary and ternary alloys, and sputtering targets out of those alloys for installations sputtering thin films and producing coverings (decorative, functional, durable, biocompatible, tribotechnical).

Authors technologies are used for the production of sputtering targets, which allow to produce targets from extremely high purity metals and alloys of various composition, geometry (rectangular, plates and disks of different thickness) and dimensions.

Our own production allows to meet the definite requirements of each and every client pertaining to the technical characteristics of the targets. The basic characteristics are:
- the content of metals in the target (it is necessary to show the atomic or the weight percentage in the technical specification);
- tolerances of the composition;
- purity of the material for the target;
- geometry of the target;
- - tolerances of the targets dimensions

The distinguishing feature and peculiarity of the targets, in comparison with the targets, produced from powder through hot moulding, is the remarkably lower content of foreign inclusions (oxygen, nitrogen). The density of the target has an important impact on its service life, which for targets with molten structures comprises 99% from the theoretical.

The targets are supplied with the results of investgations of meltability diagrams and phasic equilibria, and also roentgenophasic and roentgenostructural analyses.

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