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Production/Semiconductor materials of the └IIBVIgroup

Semiconductor materials of the └IIBVI group

└─V-Engineering:  Semiconductor materials of the └IIBVIgroup:  ĐdS(5N), ĐdTe(5N), ZnS-Ag, ZnSe-Ag, CdSe, ZnS, ZnSe, ZnTeThe use of monocrystals ZnS, CdS, CdSe, ZnSe, ZnTe, CdTe in photoresistors, photoelements, infrared viewers, semiconductor detectors and lasers is connected with their optical properties and photosensitivity.

Some semiconductor materials have the ability to transform different types of energy into light and luminiscent, i.e., to emit light with waves of various lengths. Luminophores are used in the production of chromatic kinescopes: ZnS-Ag emits a blue colour, ZnSe-Ag shines green. (Zn,Cd)S-Ag are used in X-ray tubes, while ZnS-Cu works in the indicator boards and panels. At present compounds of CdS Ŕ CdTe are used in solar applications.

Due to the high demands for purity and perfection of the structure of semiconductor materials, the technology of their production, high stability of technological performance, the ôADV-Engineeringö Co., Ltd. ensures the output of high purity semiconductor materials, needed for growing monocrystals.

Our company has technologies for the production of CdSe, ZnS, ZnSe, ZnTe powders and in the presence of stable markets is ready to expand their production.
The following polycrystalline powders are produced:

Cadmium telluride (CdTe) of high purity in the form of polycrystalline ingots with diameter 45 mm and targets with diameter 45 mm and thickness ≥6mm.

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